About Us

What do we do?

These laboratories carry out a whole range of blood tests to diagnose and monitor diseases, infections and various medical conditions; the tests are carried out by highly qualified scientists and technicians in the profession.

Who runs this place?

The core team

The laboratories are run and managed by a group distinguished scientists trained in the United Kingdom and Ghana with experience in excess of 20 years in the field.


What else do we offer?

screening in Churches

screening the Forces for a stronger nation

In addition, Tiscanlabs runs an Ultrasound Scanning service every afternoon for pregnancies/ fibroid checks, breast and prostate cancer screening by a fully qualified Radiology Doctor.

 Any freebies?

Tiscanlabs takes pride in providing health aid material and/or souvenir packages free of charge to any client that has a blood test in the laboratory. Explore this website for further details about this modern laboratory.