Policy and Manifesto

About the facilities


·       Our service quality is optimum; the physical appearance of the laboratory facility equipment and people are excellent at all times.

·       The service reliability is superb; the laboratory has the ability to perform dependably.

·       Our responsiveness is swift; the laboratory has the willingness to be prompt in delivering the service you require.

·       We have assurance; the laboratory has the ability to inspire trust and confidence.

·       We have empathy; Tiscanlabs would demonstrate care and individual attention to each customer.

·       We are available; we are able to provide service at the right time and place for you.

·       We have professionalism; we have impartial and ethical characteristics applicable to each customer.

·       We take timeliness seriously; we would endeavour to deliver within the agreed lead times.


·       We would be pleasant at all times; we promise to be good mannered and polite at all times.

·       The customers’ opinions on Tiscanlabs continue to be of good report over and over again.

A tour of the Tesano facility would blow your mind, with state of the art equipment and analysers, we don’t mess around; we

just churn out quality results after quality results. Come and see for your self.


Accurate testing is the key

DUE TO THE HIGH STANDARDS; Accuracy is key in obtaining a firm diagnosis in any

medical condition if one wants to obtain an equally effective solution; that’s why accuracy matters to us in Tiscanlabs; to

that effect, the quality of testing is paramount, that is why we would use any available means necessary to get the most

accurate result, – because the patient deserves the best. We have the experience to ensure that this is the case- a joint

work experience in each of our departments cumulating to years of experience in double figures says it all.

Our ultrasound service is run by a Doctor distinguished in Radiology to give an accurate diagnosis from what he scans; his

reports are highly valued by clinics all over; bumps, lumps, clots, abnormalities, sex determination would be detected and

reported with the highest skills.

hormones,scans,morphology-our expertise niche

Fertility hormones, radiology ultrasound scans and haematological morphology are our expertise niches; our management team

actively devote part of their time teaching at the medical school to devolve knowledge to aspiring technicians and

we dont just test.. we offer information

Due to the background of our proprietor, who has publications in triple figures; this is his way of offering information to

the public. Last but not least, we are enriched with numerous healthcare flyers, DVDs and souvenirs for you.
List of some tests performed routinely:

Haematology screening and assays
Chemistry elctrolytes
Endocrinology hormone analysis
Semen analysis (andrology)
Microbiology and Virology testing
Ultrasound radiology and sonography